Seven Tactical offers practical firearms training for the novice and advanced shooter through instructive teaching of fundamentals and tactics, dynamic live fire drills to reinforce application, and live ordinance force on force training to put your skills to the test in reality-based threat scenarios. Sign up today to start your training plan.


The Seven Tactical Mission / Vision:

Seven Tactical offers practical, reality-based firearms training that is focused on improving pistol shooting speed, accuracy and tactics for individual gun owners and concealed carriers as well as licensed security officers and security teams.  We specialize in both traditional live fire range training and Simunitions non-lethal ordinance force on force training exercises that allow the shooter to test their skills safely in a high stress environment. 

Seven Tactical classes are designed to combine fundamentals of successful shooting mechanics with recognition of developing threats, communication protocols, and proper force continuum decision making.  Courses are available for individuals as well as armed private security teams.  We value safety and student development above all else and strive to create a welcoming ego-free environment for learning.  We would be honored to be a part of your personal safety training plan.


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